Walnut Capital Management

Everyone invests for different reasons and with different goals in mind. At Walnut Capital Management, we understand that your finances are as unique as you are. We combine our investment discipline with a risk assessment which we apply to the stock and bond markets. This risk assessment process helps us decide how much market exposure is appropriate given the conditions.
Our firm is a fee only registered investment advisor.

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SignalPoint™ is an investment process which uses exchange traded funds and a proprietary investment algorithm to invest in the markets. It provides a transparent and “emotion-free” platform. It attempts to provide competitive rates of return while managing risk with its cash positions.


Fee Based Managed Accounts

Using a strategic method of asset allocation, Walnut Capital Management offers a fresh new approach to fee based managed accounts.

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Retirement Accounts

It’s easy to put off planning for retirement, especially if the event is many years away. But the earlier you start planning, the longer and more enjoyable your retirement may be.

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Trust Accounts

Through Charles Schwab, Walnut Capital Management can provide you access to trust services that can help you integrate your investment plan with your estate plan.

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