About Us

Everyone invests for different reasons and with different goals in mind. At Walnut Capital Management, we understand that your finances are as unique as you are. We spend time getting to know you, your finances and where you want to be in the future. Then put together a custom financial plan that helps get you there.

We are not a large brokerage bound by corporate expectations and products; we are fee only financial advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to help you succeed. Our structured, disciplined, and transparent approach seeks to minimize risk and maximize gains allowing you to focus on your goals and dreams while we focus on your finances.

What sets us apart is our ability to listen to our clients and our disciplined approach to investing, using a proprietary investment strategy of SignalPoint Asset Management, our reregistered investment advisor. Our advantage is the ability to steadily and methodically capture profits when sectors appreciate. We do this by systematically adding to positions during periods of weakness, while maintaining ample cash reserves for liquidity and portfolio cushioning. In essence, we exploit the volatility in the market.

Founded in 2007, Walnut Capital Management is an independent wealth management practice, managing approximately $350 million in client assets.

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